Tell our men to bring their friends — our Asian fam needs us

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I am peaceful, but I’m not a passivist — never have been — never will be…I never started a fight, but I ended plenty and stay prepared. My Grandfather taught me how to defend myself, because he said, “the world isn’t safe [for women and girls]”. I was an only child raised by my beloved Grandparents. I have a special place in my heart for grandparents because of their wisdom and their fighting spirit. Yet, they weren’t bitter and showed me a life filled with faith, forgiveness and compassion for others.

I don’t know how NOT to fight, but I…

Black youth and hip hop don’t speak for all of us

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Let me preface this piece by saying I have and will always stand with the Asian community — especially following the racist murder of 6 Asian women in Georgia and increased attacks across the country. Sadly, as we call for unity between Black and Asian communities, another controversy unfolds. published screenshots of an Asian staffer using the N-word following Alexi McCammond’s resignation from Teen Vogue. This latest development is the inspiration for this article.

To all my Asian brothers and sisters in the United States, abroad or in your respective 49–52 countries:


A lesson in real diversity and cultural competent communication

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*Quick update: We’ve since confirmed that the lady in the video is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ms. Marcia Fudge. Consequently, revisions were made to give proper respect to Secretary Fudge.

Black Twitter is a blowing up with the video of this beautiful, older sister addressing the White House press corps and expecting some basic respect. It’s customary in Black, some brown communities to greet everyone when we enter the room. The elder followed that long standing custom and social norm and no one responded. As per the tradition, she gave a nonverbal signal for them to course correct…

White women we don’t want your sad, sloppy seconds

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Let me preface this story by saying this is not about all white people or the faithful and loving few who honor, respect Black and brown people. This story is not about white people who are proudly and happily married to Black and brown people like: Ellen Pompeo, Alexis Ohanian, Paul Wall, Gary Owen and many others. This is about your troubling brethren — like Meghan Markle’s dad and Whoppi Goldberg and Halle Berry’s exes who seem to date or pursue Black and brown women by default, convenience, selfish or nefarious reasons.

This is about white men (and some women)…

Ism’s and bias are unproductive, buzz killers, peace thieves

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The fruits of our labor bare different fruit from rotten roots —
Mine are strange and forbidden with thorns —
Yours are fine with strong vines —
You rarely see me eat and enjoy mine —
Why doesn’t that bother you?

I pride myself in being positive, proactive, and ambitious. I love learning and I’m blessed to be able to start a small business and dabble in writing… Yet, as I venture forward as an entrepreneur launching a start-up — I’m distracted by the relentless, exhausting, and direct and indirect injustices I face every day. …

Yup - thank you for reading. There are about 10 articles on the clap debate. They range from silly to serious

This is exciting - thank you for sharing this as usual Illumination is setting a great and supportive trend for writers.

College-age kid checks Mom for explicit lyrics

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NSFW and Adult Language Warning — This conversation happened a while ago.

In Part 1, I talk about the hypocrisy of my generation’s outrage over WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

In this piece, I further the conversation:

“Sometimes I’m so caught up in the beat that I don’t really listen to (or forgot) the lyrics”…

I grew up listening to hip hop and wanted to share some classics with my son now that he’s 18 and started college. …

A Righteous Rant

Let’s face it — you don’t CARE about Black and brown people and that’s ok. Just be honest

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There is something about unapologetic racists I kind of appreciate, because I always know where I stand… and that’s far, far away.

So to all my bold, redneck — in your face racists — THANK YOU for not lulling me into a false sense of security and making me think you actually care about my humanity or want to be inclusive when you’re perfectly fine — living in your all white world, doing all the white things you like to do.

Thank you for not including me in your places of business, professional, social circles and social media. Thank you…

Funny but true…

They should have a name befitting their racist history, with a modern twist (like a messy bun)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

To all the rude, disrespectful, white women who feel it’s their God given right to interrogate, harass and terrorize Black and brown people simply because you’re white, miserable and possibly mentally challenged - I have a gift that keeps on giving. I have removed the name “Karen” and given you a distinctive name:

  • In honor of your horned, delusional and dangerous men’s insurrection and they’re attack in an attempt to destroy our democratic process
  • Putting my own twist on the African naming ceremony from a Black History classic Roots — (the scene where the racist slave…

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