Why is Tim Scott Denying America’s Rich Racist History and Dedicated Racists?

This is an all All American insult to the proud racists and the people who experience racism every day

Photo by little plant on Unsplash
  1. An economy built on and from the free, forced labor and wealth generated from enslaved Africans stolen from their country. The country never apologized and only paid reparations to white people when slavery ended
  2. Thriving African American towns across the country were destroyed — people were murdered, and houses and black owned businesses were burned down — without consequence or restitution
  3. Asian people forced to work on the railroads and put in concentration camps
  4. Jim Crow and the racist policies that created and maintain massive income, housing and health disparities, bias and discrimination
  5. The racist war on drugs that disproportionately targeted poor Black and brown communities, militarized our police and led to mass incarceration and mandatory minimums for drugs that are now legalized or considered a “health crisis”
  6. Xenophobic attacks on Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish immigrants and now another wave of Mexican deportation

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