Saying Goodbye To White Guys: Not A Snub, I Just Need Black Love…

Dating diversity — when ignorance isn’t bliss

My Story

Ol’ 45 is killing my dating vibe! I miss the brief moment when I was kinda-sorta-almost in love, blissfully ignorant and deliberately oblivious enough to go to white cultural festivals, eat, drink and be merry. My ex was Greek, so I will miss those festivals the most. Now I have a nice Italian guy interested and I’m giving him the “it’s not you, it’s the political climate” speech because I want to eat my pasta in peace without getting stared at like I’m in the “Whites Only” section of town.

  • EOO was highly critical of everyone but, especially disrespectful and dismissive to Black and Latinx women. EOO immediately threatened me after Screaming Sally stormed out of the room assuming she was the victim when she was actually the aggressor
  • compared me and other Black women to a large, male farm animal or asked me where to order fried chicken for her child’s birthday party
  • summarizing my hard work (that she received awards for) as “a passion project” and chose to only praise and recognize her white and Asian team

We observe life through the lens of experience and intersectionality. We reflect, share and welcome dialogue. Let the laughter, learning & healing begin!

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