Funny but true…

Privilettas Are The New Karens

They should have a name befitting their racist history, with a modern twist (like a messy bun)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

To all the rude, disrespectful, white women who feel it’s their God given right to interrogate, harass and terrorize Black and brown people simply because you’re white, miserable and possibly mentally challenged - I have a gift that keeps on giving. I have removed the name “Karen” and given you a distinctive name —

  • That embodies the power and PRIVILEGE you and your evil sisters have used and abused for centuries
  • In honor of your horned, delusional and dangerous men’s insurrection and non-stop attempts to destroy our democratic process
  • That puts my own twist on the African naming ceremony from a Black History classic Roots — (the scene where the racist slave owner renamed Kunta Kente, Toby…)

On February 14, 2021 — by the power of my ancestors and your woke descendants: Karens, I hereby rename and declare thee: PRIVILETTAS

Being that you and your men keep trying to drag us back to the Jim Crow era — why not have a name that is aligned with your own racist, uncouth roots?

I also changed the name because I actually know nice people name Karen and there’s no need to tarnish or sully their names in the process of categorizing demented, unhinged white women who behave badly because our country and law enforcement have biased, cowardly men who are scared of you…

Apparently, Privilettas are equal opportunity oppressors and just as if not more evil and vindictive behind closed doors and in their natural habitat of the suburban HOA’s, PTA meetings or any place they can wield their power and privilege for selfish, maniacal reasons.

So white Karens rejoice — as of February 14th, in honor of Valentine’s Day your twisted, entitled sisters’ new name is Priviletta or Privies. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

Privilettas, you should feel proud — you carry on the history of other horrible white women who have been put on an undeserving, eternal pedestal of innocence and superiority. For centuries, you’ve maintained the wholesome image and façade of fragility, femininity and grace. However, you’re far from docile or passive. You’re a go getter! You really “lean in” and use every tool— from your Oscar award winning ability to play the victim, to your fair (often flushed) skin and basic white girl features, strong jaws, low morals, ethics, and gag reflexes. There is no shame to your game or inhibitions. You “use what you’ve got to get what you want” — legs, “head, shoulders, knees and toes”. Privilettas are resourceful predators.

Privilettas, I will admit it’s impressive how you have the ability to cry on demand, playing delicate and confused. Yet, you’re hard core opportunists & master manipulators who will say or do whatever to get what you want at anyone’s peril or expense (including other white men or women).

Some notable and notorious Privilettas:

Carolyn Donham — the white woman who lied on Emmett Till and sat on her lie until her late 80’s when she finally confessed. Her lies cause a young boy to be tortured, beaten, mutilated, and murdered.

All the women who watched, planned or sat quietly as Black people were stolen and sold, enslaved, hurt, humiliated, lynched and defrauded, terrorized, tortured and discriminated against for over 400 years.

Modern Privilettas

Sharon Osbourne — used and abused her power and privilege as she screamed, cursed, and dared her Black colleague, Sheryl Underwood not cry on national television and demanded an explanation how Piers Morgan was racist in his ongoing attacks on Meghan Markle character

Ghislaine Maxwell — Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend who allegedly recruited and even held young girls down when they were being violated

Riley June Williams — stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, threatened to sell it to the Russians and the rest of the women who participated in the insurrection — and the enabling mothers, wives, girlfriends and sisters of the participants and any politician that defends or justifies this act of domestic terrorism

Lore-Elizabeth Blumenthal the woman who allegedly set 2 Philadelphia police cars on fire and her friend and former City consultant, Allison Herron was fired for writing a letter on City of Philadelphia letterhead calling for Blumenthal’s release — Allison wasn’t arrested, only fired. Privilettas stick together.

Amy Cooper — was filmed choking her rescue dog while she called 911, lying saying, “an African American man is threatening me and my dog”. She was the aggressor, clearly had no fear of the bird watching Black man who politely asked her to follow the park rules .” She got her dog back in a week, no charges were pressed for her false police report and now she’s suing her job for firing her for horrible racist actions. In case you don’t know the story or forgot:

Amber Gieger — the woman who murdered Botham Jean in his apartment because she doesn’t know what her own apartment looked like — creepy side note she must have cast some Love Craft type spell because she had judges and court staff hugging and coddling her because she cried

Aunt Becky and Felicity Huffman — who paid for their children to get in prestigious colleges and got a slap on the wrist

The mothers of Dylan Roof and Kyle Rittenhouse and all the mass murders who provided the money to purchase the guns or purchased the guns for their sons or drove their sons to and from crime scenes and weren’t charged as accomplices or had their children removed or investigated by family services

All the miserable white women who harass Black and brown people — BBQ Becky and her crew who scream, disrespect ad disobey law enforcement.

I hope you see the error of your ways and go away quietly — but considering how your men act and you’re ability to procreate — I think you’re breeding the next generation of PITs — Privilettas in Training.

To quote your leader’s wife, “be best” at being the worst that you continue to be — spreading discord and misery since 1863 — when you legally lost your right to rule over my ancestors and me…

Just a little rhyme to pass the time until one of you Privilettas goes viral again.

We observe life through the lens of experience and intersectionality. We reflect, share and welcome dialogue. Let the laughter, learning & healing begin!

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