American Laws, Policies and the People Who Make, Enforce and Apply Them Need A Bias and Discrimination Review

Democracy without accountability breeds inequality

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Courtesy of Rebecca Kavanagh and Twitter

Prison reform

The criminal justice system needs a bias review to answer why are so many Black and brown youth and adults STILL are in jail or prison after the Cares Act’s release mandate and in States where marijuana is not only legal — but 99% of the new, licensed “dealers” are white or white owned corporations.

Other policies or groups that need review

  1. The criminal justice system needs a complete reset with an emphasis on accountability, equity and restorative justice. Too many people are getting rich from arresting and jailing poor, Black and brown people.
  2. Minimum wage — minimum wage only works if it requires equal pay for women, Black and POC’s. Companies should be required to fully disclose past and present salaries and policies should mandate equal pay adjustments and compliance by the next fiscal year
  3. Police, judges and prosecutors need real oversight and DEI performance reviews by an actual diverse, independent group with sanctions that impact contract and term renewals.
  4. Lifelong terms need to be eliminated and term limits should be on all political and judicial appointments — a lifetime is too long to cause irreparable and costly damage that can’t be or expensive to change like court orders and judgements against, poor POCs including women and children, abuse victims, people with physical and mental disabilities, etc.
  5. Affordable housing and rental assistance policies and programs need to stop penalizing working poor and especially poor families and align requirements with actual income data instead of what developers or property owners want. The income requirements have kept poor, minority families fragmented. Single mothers are forced to choose housing over a loving, supportive partner or spouse. If market rent is $1200–$1400, but income limits are less than $12,490- $31,000 a year/ $1,040–$2583 monthly pretax income; this policy is actually causing more housing insecurity than helping
  6. Close the digital divide by making internet service a public utility, accessible to poor people in urban and rural areas, and /e-establish net neutrality. The biggest way to make this happen is to stop allowing companies like Comcast to become a monopoly or sue municipalities that want to provide affordable service.
  1. There are actual checks and balances
  2. They can no longer turn a blind eye to the dangerous actions of the powerful and privileged and they will no longer be allowed to stay in power or run for a political office again to terrorize Americans

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