Free speech and free thought doesn’t apply to Black and brown people?

Several people like Meghan McCain are criticizing Gwen Berry for turning away during the National Anthem — but it’s her right as an American.

I’ve seen hateful comments spouting the same racist rhetoric starting with the classic: “If you hate this country…”

Protest and criticism doesn’t always come from…

Tell our men to bring their friends — our Asian fam needs us

I am peaceful, but I’m not a passivist — never have been — never will be…I never started a fight, but I ended plenty and stay prepared. My Grandfather taught me how to defend myself, because he said, “the world isn’t safe [for women and girls]”. I was an only…

Black youth and hip hop don’t speak for all of us

Let me preface this piece by saying I have and will always stand with the Asian community — especially following the racist murder of 6 Asian women in Georgia and increased attacks across the country. Sadly, as we call for unity between Black and Asian communities, another controversy unfolds.…

A lesson in real diversity and cultural competent communication

*Quick update: We’ve since confirmed that the lady in the video is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ms. Marcia Fudge. Consequently, revisions were made to give proper respect to Secretary Fudge.

Black Twitter is a blowing up with the video of this beautiful, older sister addressing the White House…

A funny but true story

White women we don’t want your sad, sloppy seconds

Let me preface this story by saying this is not about all white people or the faithful and loving few who honor, respect Black and brown people. This story is not about white people who are proudly and happily married to Black and brown people like: Ellen Pompeo, Alexis Ohanian…

Dating Over 40

The gray-haired dating games

“Football season is starting”, my new boyfriend announced. Dang, I thought — welp I guess I gotta prepare not to see him on Sundays and any weekday there’s a game, but this is what I gleefully agreed to when I jumped into a relationship with an ex-football player.

In his…

Why aren’t the fashion magazines buzzing about Jeremy Pope’s poignant statement piece?

Did you see Jeremy’s outfit and backdrop? It was amazing and so needed. Here’s his statement:

First and foremost, thank you Jeremy Pope for making this brave, bold fashion statement that brought America’s history of forced, unpaid labor of enslaved Africans into…

That story is funny - I've learned the hard way that the shower cap rarely works unless we lay it down with a scarf or ponytail and scarf it and then we have "the dent".

The straight hair struggle is real - I have an ethnic hair crisis almost every month. lol

Well, your hair looks fabulous in your pic and as long as you're styling your hair for you - that's all that matters.

I'm still going to get my quarterly blowout - unapologetically but it's going to be for me and not a potential partner.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your story.

Women of Color + Culture

When history interrupts my viewing enjoyment

I just watched the first few episodes of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix. I was ok until I saw this privileged couple complaining about their spacious suburban home. Watching the beautiful, brilliant Mrs. …

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

We observe life through the lens of experience and intersectionality. We reflect, share and welcome dialogue. Let the laughter, learning & healing begin!

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