Funny but true…

Leave Karens alone — They should have a name befitting their racist history, with a modern twist (like a messy bun)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

To all the rude, disrespectful, white women who feel it’s their God given right to interrogate, harass and terrorize Black and brown people simply because you’re white, miserable and possibly mentally challenged - I have a gift that keeps on giving:

Karens — I hereby officially rename thee…

Culturally Competent Reading Etiquette

Your lack of empathy is showing — either ask a question or go in peace if you can’t appreciate or respect our work

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Dear White Readers,

I’ve discovered a disturbing and discouraging pattern that should be brought to your attention so we can discuss it or you can change this careless behavior. The problem: You tend to read Black and brown people’s stories and leave very low claps without explanation. You might be thinking, why is this a problem? Well, I’ll explain:

I can’t speak for all Black writers, but I write to speak my truth and tell the stories other Black and brown women who couldn’t or can’t. I’ve shared some deeply personal stories about my life and experiences that range from…

Cardi shouldn’t be criticized for doing the right thing

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I was furious at the backlash that Cardi B received when she stopped performing her song #WAP when her daughter ran in the room.

Some people made comments like she looked ashamed or she’s a hypocrite for not letting her child listen to her music…This is ridiculous!

Being a rapper who talks about sex and being a good parent aren’t mutually exclusive. In what world is it ok for children to listen to adult music? Just because a lot of people do it — doesn’t make it right.

Cardi is a former adult entertainer (dancer) and now she makes…

Democracy without accountability breeds inequality

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I woke up this morning after sleeping a little better, but when I read this:

Courtesy of Rebecca Kavanagh and Twitter

I was hurt, confused and frustrated. What message is this sending? As a parent and educator I think everyone involved from the police to the judge who basically gave this girl a slap on the wrist for stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop (government property) and plotting a treasonous act should be reviewed.

Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi — calling out this blatantly biased criminal justice system? Riley Williams’ case is an insult victims, and the millions of Black and brown people…

A poem about the struggle for justice — the next 50 years

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Ask for what you want, but take what you need is what white people taught me because they are rarely afraid to do both

So why should we have to beg and cower?

Why should we be afraid?

Black folks are scared to say what we deserve, what we want, what we need

Yet, we include everyone in our fight

Everyone benefits from our progress

Yet, very few stand in solidarity with our plight

But I’m gonna need you to stand up, speak up and speak out when you see me being robbed, wronged and silenced

I’m gonna need you…

A day off and mental health day would be a dream

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Don’t get me wrong, I love MLK’s Day of Service, but as an African American woman who has spent 95% of her career in education and nonprofits - I think I speak for many poor, Black and brown people — when I say we literally serve our communities in some capacity, on a daily basis. And based on several conversations I’ve had recently and over the years, some of us resent being forced, guilted into or volun-told that we need to “serve” on a national holiday honoring the man who fought to end poverty, injustice, and inequality.

Now, I know…

America’s lies are destroying our country! We’ve taught children that a man sailed “the ocean blue” and “discovered” America when it was actually another land that was already inhabited.

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We celebrate holidays based on revisionist history like:

Thanksgiving — When the “nice”, peaceful pilgrims invited the First nations to a feast to share their cultural and culinary traditions; forgetting the millions murdered and stolen land.

4th of July — In 1776 America declared this their independence day when enslaved Africans weren’t fully emancipated until June 19, 1865.

And the worst lies are the “love stories” between old, white men and…

The Noni Name Game - NSFW Warning

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Ladies, what do you call your “V”? Do you use slang, a slur or term of endearment? Do you have a secret nickname or medical terms for your inner and outer “V” spot? I don’t know why — but I’m a tad bit ashamed and little shy when it comes to using medical terms for my genitalia. I prefer slang and nicknames and apparently most people do…

Oprah calls hers a va-jay-jay? Reality stars like Joseline Hernandez calls hers a a cootie cat, and K. Michelle calls hers a hot pocket and a who-ha.


WARNING: ADULTS ONLY (Sexually explicit language and images)

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Disclaimer: This piece nor this episode are suitable for children or work computers. Content may cause blushing, a few giggles & some cursing. Proceed with caution, an open mind & tongue in cheek — Enjoy!

In my first piece: Boug’ & Confused, I shared some of my initial reactions to the third episode of Goop’s docuseries on Netflix, “The Pleasure Is Ours”.

Ladies and interested gents, according to their featured sex expert, Betty Dodson, our “V” is not our vagina. We’ve had it wrong ALL along! Ms. …

Culture vultures versus real artists

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Chester Marlon Hanks (Chet) is the son of millionaire actor Tom Hanks. Chet is also an actor and aspiring rapper, Chet Haze who’s occasionally transracial Jamaican since January 2020. If you’re not familiar with hip hop culture, he’s like the male Amethyst Amelia Kelly, a runaway white girl from Australia that magically morphed into hoodlicious, Black-inspired rapper, Iggy Azelea.

As a woman of African descent with friends and family from Jamaica, I find Chet Hanks’ fascination and use of Jamaican patios to be both annoying and sad, but I don’t totally blame him.

I think the music industry and social…

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